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Glass Text

This tutitorial will help you make glass/shiney looking text. It is rather easy, once you get the hang of it. The screen shots I made more or less says it all. But I will explain along the way too! You will start with any text/font. It wont matter about the font until later, so the default comic sans is fine for now. You type the text and then go to the next step.


When you click Chrome, your text and font will change, don't worry, we have just begun!

You will click OK, do any resizing that might need done, if you text has went past your space, just make it smaller for now. We will now add some color. Since I don't care for the grey/silver look, this was a must for me! You will go to TOUCHUP/CORRECT TINT.

Here you will add some color and make it as dark as you wish. You will use the the ball in the circle to choose a color, just move it around, you may or may not see any change. But if you go down to the slider and move it to the right, the color you have choosen will get darker and you will see it much better. You can make it as dark as you like here.