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Making tiled backgrounds

Start with a square or rectangel that is around 100x100 pixels or 200x200 pixels.

I keep a folder of different textures I have found that I like, then I just open one and add a graphic! Once you have your square, you can use a graphic or photo, this works best with a cutout graphic. I choose the same little chihuahua.

I click the square, then I click on the doggie at the bottom and drag it up to the square your are working on. I adjust the size and where I want it on the square. The middle is a good place! I then make it semi-transparent by clicking "SPECIAL EFFECTS/MAKE TRANSPARENT". Slide the little bar till you get it as light as you want it. The click OK. Now you will right click on your graphic and choose COPY from the new window. Once you copy it, then you will right click again and paste 4 new graphics and it will look like this...

Now, when you have all 4 copies of your graphic in the middle of your square, you will then pull each one to a corner of the square. You will pull it out of the square as far as it will go, they will then look like this...

Then I usually click the one left in the middle and flip it around by click on "SIZE & POSITION/FLIP/MIRRORED and you will have a single tile that once put together will look very nice! But you don't have to stop there, you can keep changing them!

This one I filled with color.

This one is filled with gradient color.

This one I filled the square with a picture.

This one I put text around the middle puppy.

The possibilities are endless!! Just have fun.