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Glass Dingbats

Please read my glass text lesson FIRST!

You will do the dingbats the same way as the letter, just a little more tricky! You can start with your favorite dingbat, I start with the ding, because then I can make a note of the font and letter that makes the ding I want to use.


When you click chrome, your ding will change into the letter for the ding.

That is OK! Now you will click done and then double click the ding's letter, now find the font for your ding and click it, your dingbat will once again appear and it will be glass textured!

Now you can color your ding like the tut for coloring the glass texture tells you to! Save your ding in gif, if you want it to be a single backgroundless object. Make sure of course you delete the background first!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a special note! When working with Text or dingbats with glass, till will change depending on the size of the word or amount of dings in a row that you use, the bigger the word the more "noise" you will get on your glass effect. This makes a big difference when you change from a HI to Hello. Also it changes alot when you use 2 lines of text together, sometimes it is will keep the look you want if you make one line, then duplicate the text and double click it and change the text to the second line. Just some things I have found when working with glass/chrome effect!