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Making Buttons

Buttons are pretty easy to make. You can use them on your web page as a signature, as stationery, or just about anywhere. I have a few ways I make my buttons. I am going to try to remember all of them!

The first and easiest is by beveling! Start with a colored shape, any size you want your button to be

. You can't start by starting a new project, so just open a graphic or picture and fill it with color. You will need to make a copy of this colored shape. You can just click the picture of it at the bottom and drag it up or you can go to EDIT/DUPLICATE OBJECT (shortcut=CTRL+D).

You will now make sure the bottom layer is selected, and go to TOUCHUP/BRIGHTNESS & CONTRAST/BRIGHTNESS

You can move the selector bar over and change make the bottom layer darker, but still keep the color near the top layer.