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Belved Banners

You will need to read and practice the beveling tutitorial for this project. Once you have the idea, you can open a long rectangle 60x500 pixels. Actually you can make your banner any shape or size you want! Bevel your shape, then add text, choose your color and then some grpahics if you wish. You can also ad textures to the text and/or background. Just try different things, until you find something you really like. Once you have your banner the way you like it, then save it. If your banner is an odd shape or animated, save it in gif format. If it is just a pain shape, then you can save it in jpg format, but the file will be larger.

Here are some of the banners I made, just by changing colors and textures.

And you can also animate a banner. Once you have the background, text and graphics all together, save it in gif format. Then double click the text, the text box will open up, and type the new text you want, click OK and save it again. Do this as often as you want to, just remember with each layer, your banner gets to be a larger file, and takes longer to send in e mail or to load on a web page.

Open all the saved banners with different text in flipbook animation and animate it!