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You start this tut by downloading one (or all!) of my globe frame templates, I have 3 to choose from, they are zipped and in PI format.

This will open a new window. After downloading, close the window.

Each of these have 3 parts that you will see. There is the frame, the white background and the globe (which is locked together with the "glare" parts).

After you download the one you want to try, then unzip it and open it in Picture It. You will need a graphic to add, open that also.

You will click the globe frame, to bring it up to work on. You then drag your graphic onto the globe frame. At this point it will just be sitting on top of the globe. You will need to go to SIZE & POSITION/MOVE FORWARD OR BACKWARD and click backward twice, so that your graphic is now behind the globe and frame, but NOT behind the background!!

I like to add a shadow to the graphic, makes it look more "real"! You can do this by clicking on your graphic, then go to SECIAL EFFECTS/SHADOW, choose the shadow you like best, make sure it stays inside the frame! Make it "fuzzy" by clicking CUSTOMISE THE SHADOW go to EDGE SOFTNESS and move the bar all the way to the right! Then click Done!
You can change the frame and background to any color you want. You can fill the background with a picture or texture by clicking on the background, then going to CUTOUT & PICTURES/FILL CUTOUT OR PICTURE/PICTURE/OPEN PICTURE, choose your picture or texture and click done.

You can change the colors of the frames by clicking the frame, then going to PAINT & COLOR EFFECTS/CHANGE COLOR, then move the outer gold ball around the circle and choose the color you like.

you can also change the look of the frame by clicking the frame and going to SPEICAL EFFECTS/ILLUSIONS and clicking through the filters, until you find a look you love!

Don't forget to resize your globeframe before saving! They are huge! A good size is about 200 pixels. You can change the size right before you save it by going to FILE (at the left top of your screen), find SAVE PICTURE AS, click on that. This brings up a window we all know and love! You will name your graphic, choose the format for saving (GIF!) and look for the tiny little blue square that says OPTIONS, click on it, now resize your globe! Ckick done and save and you now have your first globeframe! And I am sure you will want to try an animated one or even go search for your own frames to make your own! Have fun :-)

Other globe frames I have made...