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Go down to the perspective filter.

When you click on this, it will automatically go to 40, but I found this too much, so I moved the lever back to 23. It will look like this

Of course you can always change it later with the little green ball resizers!

Now to put make your window, you need to open a scenic photo or graphic. Any one you choose will work. I found some to choose from in the Picture It CD files under NATURE/SCENES, you can veiw them by going to FILE/OPEN/PICTURE IT! 2000 CD/NATURE/SCENES. I chose BK2086

Once you have your photo open, drag your window frame up to it from the bottom. You will need 3 window frames, 2 slanted and 1 normal.

You can get these by copy & paste the 2 times. Make sure they are all the same size, line them up. Now you will click the middle one and to "unslant it" you just back to SPECIAL EFFECTS/PICTURE PUTTY/DISTORT THE WHOLE OBJECT AUTOMATICALLY and go to the top of the filter menu and click the white box with the X in it, your window will go back to normal! To change the 3rd one to slant the other way, go to SIZE & POSITION/FLIP/MIRROED

Once you have all 3 frames the way they need to be, you need to line them up. When you do this, you need the middle frame to be in front, so you can make this happen by going to SIZE & POSITION/MOVE FORWARD OR BACKWARD and click them untill the middle one is in front.

Your window should look like this

NOTE, you need to move the side windows over to the edge of your background, I didn't here, but you need too!

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